the World of Games

Our life is full of games, and that in addition to those that we actually call – “games.”

We “play” being a mother, a brother, an artist, a CEO, a dog lover, a victim, a perpetrator, a doctor, an addict, a party supporter, a climate change denier… millions and millions of roles, of assumed identities. This world is a world of games.

Sometimes, some of us get fed up and look for a spiritual path that would help us quit the games and get to something more real.

That’s our best intention.

What goes unnoticed is that this path of ours is also a game. Yes, it is just as much a game as becoming a world-renowned piano player, or crossing the Atlantic solo on one’s catamaran.

You see, we can only ever embark on such a path if we presume ourselves to be something other than light, than love, than an “undividable part” of oneness. And that puts all our spiritual pursuits squarely in the realm of this 3D-world.

This can be hard to understand, and even harder to accept. Our spirituality, in its specialness and mystery, is so dear to us!

Yet once you do, you can finally ask yourself the most important question: do I like this path? Does my soul enjoy it? Does my heart feel lighter when I do (whatever it is you do there)?

And if the answer is YES, then go on, keep practicing, enjoy what you perceive as change, as growth, as transformation.

But if you are unsure, or even feeling some tension when you think of your practices, your groups, your teachers, then maybe leave it all behind and go to the movies instead!

Because, unless you came into this life with a very particular mission – and you would know if that were the case– what your soul wants for you above all else is to be able to in joy your life.

And then you can let your joy lead you to the light.