The Absent Healing Service

This ritual was created in the beginning of the last century under the guidance of the Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan. It has been done by the Sufi mureeds ever since, first in Europe and later in the US, and now all around the world.

The Healing Service has been the main focus of the Dervish Healing Order  from the moment of its creation.

During this ritual, the conductor focuses the group to direct the Shafiya, the healing energy, towards those who have asked to be put on the healing list, and who are not present during the ritual itself.

This Service can also be done for the places on the planet that are in need of healing.

You are welcome to submit a name – yours or someone else’s – to be included into the ritual, given that the person is definitely aware of that and agreeing/requesting it. This ritual is not an efficient tool to use to send healing to those who have not asked; sending your healing thoughts would do better.

Participating in the healing group requires training.

If you have questions on any of the above, feel free to send me a message HERE

Zoom meetings schedule

All sessions begin at 5pm UK , 9am PDT, noon EDT, 18.00 Berlin, 19.00 MCK

Next meeting: Friday, October, 6 


Why-s and How-s of the Healing Ritual 

The recording of this session is available by request.

A session for the conductors of the Absent Healing Ritual and participants of the healing groups.  

Health for the Healer

These sessions have now completed. Recordings are available.

From August 2022 we will be focusing the first half of our meeting on the things pivotal for the healer’s health.

Predominantly, these are the same issues that make the difference for the physical and mental health of anyone who is striving to be in service to others, as well as of people we are aiming to help.

Our topics will include, among others:

• our need to be fully present in the body, and the best ways to achieve that

• healthy boundaries: how do we get to have problems in that area, how to solve them

• how truthfulness, and the lack of it, including to oneself, influences our energy and health

• how to grow in magnetism, and how to retain it

• breaking free from under the control of one’s thoughts

• self-protection: who needs it, why, when and how

• learning to connect with our “own” inner healer/inner teacher

• connection with the “departed” teachers – what do we need it for, the best ways for “getting in touch”


All the exercises offered are intended as practices – that is, they need to be practiced  in order to bring results. Please do not expect a great change after repeating a technique a few times during the session!

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