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Meetings for Sufi meditation, self-discovery, and healing

In all different purposes which we see working through each individual, there seems to be one purpose which is behind them all, and that is the unfoldment of the soul.

— Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The Heart of Stillness meditation meetings resume on Friday September, 29, 5pm UK.

Next Healing Ritual online: Friday October, 6 at 5pm UK. More information here

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Request healing

Submit your request for healing for our Sufi Healing Ritual.

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Sufi meditation in a small group. Ask questions, discover what works for you.

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Enhance your practice

Join a regular meditation group: find the group that suits your level of experience.

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Become happier

Let go of the old patterns that hold you hostage to your “story” and live your life with confidence, clarity,  and joy.

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Welcome! I am Natalia Nur Jahan,  a meditation teacher, a spiritual mentor and a coach. I love supporting people who wish to live a fuller, happier, more purposeful life, and who also want to  ensure that they follow the path they were born to walk, do the work they came here to do, and do their best for it to be of benefit to others.

It has always been a great happiness for me to be able to help people achieve a larger degree of freedom and sovereignty. What freedom is differs for each of us, and yet almost universally we find ourselves in need of letting go of the conditioning that has been imposed on us by our family, friends, teachers, culture, the society as a whole. Noticing for the first time that we are not truly making our own decisions, but rather following the road that somebody we know has already followed, can come as a shock. Yet there are ways to begin reclaiming our authenticity, and I can gladly share some of them with you. 

I began working as a transpersonal psychotherapy practitioner and then also as a life-coach in the 90s. In the later years my work became more and more that of a Sufi guide, and of a spiritual coach. Today I continue my Sufi studies, as well as learn from mystics from different traditions or none, including some talented psychics.

In one-on-one work I combine my skills in coaching, transpersonal psychotherapy and NLP with the Sufi insight into the human nature and laws of the human development.

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Group Meditations

We have meetings taking place on different days of the week, and both beginners and experienced meditators can find a group that is the most suitable for them. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

meditation and sufi practice

Regular group with Sufi practices and guided meditations





Meditation and healing group

Sufi spoken and chanted practices and breathing exercises





sending light into the winter

Weekly meditation and prayer group for experienced   practitioners.





Emotional Healing

So often I see people coming to a spiritul path in search of healing, rather than looking to get in touch with Reality. We sure have all received many wounds in our earthly years, and those wounds are pleading for the soothing, tender touch of love and kindness, yearning for us to become whole again…

Yet contrary to what many people think, spiritual practice is quite often not the best means to bring about that healing – let alone it is also neither efficient nor adequate use of the practice, for it to be applied as a bandage on a bleeding heart. There are much faster, smoother, more direct ways to heal ourselves! That is what I practice myself every day, and what I am happy to offer to all who wish to mend themselves, so that the spiritual path could then take them further.

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Personal Coaching

Change your own life for the better, and ripples of your happiness will spread to others!

I have often come across the notion, especially supported by some of the spiritually inclined people, that there is something wrong in wishing to be unabashedly happy, to be in great physical shape, to have highly satisfying personal relationships, or to enjoy prosperity. One or more of these things are deemed to be “unspiritual” for some strange reasons, as if it would take one’s attention from what really matters in life.

Yet how can one bring more light to others if one’s own light is dimmed by the life struggles? To heal anyone if one’s own body is in disarray, help anyone if some little voice within oneself is crying for help? In order to spread happiness we need to, genuinely, have it ourselves.

Are you one of those people who wish to be of help to others, who wants to make life better – for oneself, as well as for those around you? Let’s then crack on! Let’s clean up, let go of things that no longer support us, heal the wounds, and become the change we want to see around us.

The practical, no-nonsense way of the Sufis blends seamlessly together with the methods of the life-coaching, energy healing, and forms of “inner parts” work.

• determine the goals in your work and life that guarantee to make you happier

• develop a habit of sustained growth

• learn to make perfect decisions every time it matters

• increase your vitality and grow in emotional and mental strength

• find your “own way” in life, building the life your soul intended

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In the times of  profound change that we are all going through right now, when ideas, systems, ways of doing things that underpin the old way of life stop working at what feels like a lightning speed, how can we decide which path to take when the very ground seems to be moving, sometimes daily, underneath our feet? How can we build an inspiring vision for our life that would keep us going ahead no matter what falls apart in the world?

If there is one thing that one should not, cannot rely on, it is our mind alone. Mind is supposed to be our servant, not the ruler of our life! The direction of our life, all our most important decisions must come from the deeper place in us if we wish for our life to be a success. Taking the mind under control, or more precisely putting it in its own proper place, is perhaps the single most difficult task that one can embark on. Yet without accomplishing it we are bound to struggle through life and spend it in totally unnecessary suffering.

Meditation is just one of the methods, albeit probably the most renown, to “deal” with our mind. And yet one of the most important things that you can do for yourself right now, as far as the health of your life is concerned, is to decide what you want your life to be. If you don’t know the answer to this question, your mind will not serve you properly whichever great practices you employ. If you do, all winds will rush into your sails.

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