Emotional Healing, Coaching, and Sufi SoulWork

What if healing of our emotional wounds was not only possible, but possible quickly, fully, and the way it was achieved was not even complicated? Sounds like too good to be true, right? But think how we are all conditioned to perceive changes happening only very slowly, be that in nature, in society, or in ourselves. As a result, many of us are reluctant to accept even the possibility of a fast change. Consequently, most of the modern therapies still rely on years (!) of coversations.

And plus to that, often the main reason why we subconsciously avoid opportunities for a quick and decisive turn of our fortune is that we are afraid: “What will happen to me if I change too much? Will I know what to do with my life? Will my friends resent me for my happiness? Will my work be affected if I “stick out” too much?” And we wait, and we put the changes off, we choose what we think is a safer route, scared of death but making a choice for a slow life.

Some of us embark on a spiritual path with a (sometimes subconscious) wish to heal our emotional wounds, to get emotional support, to find a group that would give us a sense of belonging. And sometimes that does happen, and our bruised self begins to breathe more freely… Yet we sacrifice most of the potential that the spiritual practice has by making it into a balm that heals our wounds.

For most people, there are much more efficient ways to heal. All the methods that I know *that work* aim at the “seed” cause of any particular issue that one might have. By fully letting go of the root we stop that particular “weed” feeling, emotion, event reappearing in our life. We become free to grow the beautiful garden of our true self.

And once that is done, our “spiritual tools” can be finally used the way they are intended: to help us make our way through the fog of the illusion towards real, to realise our true nature, to discover oneness.

And what if ease, joy, and peace were yours before you even began your “spiritual journey”? Would you still want to go on it?

Well, perhaps yes, perhaps not. It really depends on what brought you to it in the first place. My own answer is – yes, definitely! As you discover the ways to live in more truth, more power, more joy, in what we would normally call more light, you begin to realise that there is no end to it, that you have only-only scratched the surface. And then you want to go deeper, to know more, to embrace more of the world. Your world grows, and you grow.

And that expansion will have no end.


The practical, no-nonsense way of the Sufis blends seamlessly together with the methods of the life-coaching, energy healing, and forms of “inner parts” work.

Are you ready to change your life? Then go for it!

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Having been offering facilitation in deep emotional healing for more than 25 years, I know there is always a way to help one who is willing and open to change, who is ready to do the work to help oneself to become more of…oneself!

You choose how new you wish to become. Do you want just a little more happiness, a bit more joy? Well, try it! You will quickly realize that there is so much more that this life has in store for you, and soon you will want it all!

Sufi SoulWork

This work involves listening to, and addressing the needs of our “inner selves” with the support of our High Self, as well as of the initiatic lineage that one belongs to. Consequently, these sessions are offered primarily to Sufi mureeds, although those from other spiritual traditions who feel they have a firm connection to their lineage can benefit from this method as well. There is nothing that is imposed on anyone here: your world, your beliefs, your faith remains with you just as it was.

All meetings are done on Zoom.

The need and frequency of the subsequent meetings can be discussed, however it is important to bear in mind that Sufi SoulWork is touching deep levels of our being and is offering the basis for the further unfoldment. It is up to you to make the best of the guidance and experience that you will have received, with my facilitation, from your inner “selves” and your High Self.

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