Sending light into the winter, and beyond…

Co-leading with Saadi Shakur Chisti and a group of fellow “light workers.”

A 30 min session that takes place every Tuesday with the focus on the sacredness of Life on Earth, and of the Earth.

In these difficult times, we are all hoping, praying that we can turn things around. Can we do that? How much can we change in what is already unfolding? Is everything already “decided,” or is there still a degree of freedom for the participants of the world events – and if so, can we influence the direction the world seems to be going?

While we are looking at, and are being involved in the processes that took decades, and in some cases centuries to form, not everything about them is set in stone. And it is for those margins of events, and those people who still have “forks in the road” in front of them, we can offer the support of the light of our hearts.

Beyond that, we are hoping to contribute to building a better, more heartful world – the world of the future. And just like one would plant a tree and keep watering and nurturing it, knowing that its blossoms will be for other people to see, we are willing to offer our heartspace for nurturing the world for the generations to come – knowing that GOOD IS NEVER LOST.*

The only way we can get a lasting and unencumbered by unforeseen consequences effect in life is by acting from the level of our soul, our Ruh. That is what we are aiming for at these meetings, beginning with a practice rooted in fana, proceeding to the meditation on the Prayer of Light, gradually expanding our hearts and finishing, with the help of God’s Grace, with the Mushahida practice.

This session is always open to all Sufi mureeds of any order, or none. You are welcome to join us on any day.

Every Tuesday at 5pm UK, on Zoom

Session duration – 30min

To receive the link, please enquire HERE

*Perhaps an obvious concept, which nevertheless often need reminding as long as our life proceeds under the spell of the unenlightened senses. These words were often used by Mother Mary Mae Maier, of Mt.Shasta

THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD’S (pbuh) PRAYER OF LIGHT (hadith attributed by AbuTalib Falihal-Makki)

O Allah! 

Grow light/knowing in my heart, light in my seeing,  light in my hearing, 

light on my right, light on my left, 

light above me, light beneath me, 

light before me, light behind me; 

and grow for me light/knowing– 

light in my tongue, light in my sinews (muscle) 

light in my flesh (soft tissue), light in my blood, 

light in my hair, light in my form and appearance 

light in my nafs—sense of self, make this light flexible and strong. 

O Allah gift me with the light already present inside and out.




wa-fi-basri-nuran wa-fi-sam’i-nuran

wa-an-yamini-nuran wa-an-yasaari-nuran

wa-fawqi-nuran wa-tahti-nuran

wa-amaami-nuran wa-khalfi-nuran


wa-fi-lisaani-nuran wa-‘asabi-nuran

wa-lahmi-nuran wa-dami-nuran

wa-sha’ri-nuran wa-bashari-nuran

wa-j’al-fi-nafsi-nuran wa-a’zim-li-nuran