This page is for the biweekly Friday Sufi practice group.

During our meetings we do a variety of Sufi practices – breathed, spoken, chanted; the Beautiful Names, zikr, visual concentration, and always a guided meditation.

We explore what capabilities we, as humans, have that would allow us to reach for the Reality. Can we, somehow, use our embodied beingness for just that, or should we aim to be released from the grip of the physicality in order to obtain the true freedom?

Cleaning up and connecting with the Source is, essentially, all we need to return back to the *real ourselves.* So that is what we are doing in these sessions — letting go, clearing all our “stuff,” and connecting, connecting…

You are welcome to take part in any meeting.

Time: 5pm UK (see the times for the other time zones below)

Meeting duration: 45-60 min


*Image: Portrait of a Dervish. Learn about images used on site here


September, 29


5 pm London

 9am PDT, 10am MDT, 11am CDT, noon EDT

18.00 Berlin

19.00 Moscow




Meeting ID: 842 7450 6481

Passcode: AlHaqq101