Health for the Healer 2022/23 meeting details

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 Self-protection. What and whom are we protecting? And from whom/from what??? There are just two things we need to give attention to, to be protected at all times! How does a lineage offer protection, is that “automatic”? Who decides what your life is aligned with? Are you choosing yourself or everyone else?

And whatever else comes up… (BRING YOUR QUESTIONS!)


Welcome to the Health for the Healer sessions!

The purpose of these classes is to offer help for the conductors of the healing ritual of Hazrat Inayat Khan to overcome some of the usual difficulties. These issues are predominantly the same that get in the way of any healer, as well as of anyone who regularly offers help to others, be that by the way of a therapy, caring, or even when raising a child.

All sessions will also include the performance of the healing ritual. You are welcome to leave before the ritual commences, however please notify me in advance that you are intending to do so.

Below you can find our schedule and zoom details.

The schedule remains subject to change, so please review it well ahead of the next meeting.

All sessions will be recorded. You will find the links to the video recordings at the bottom of this page.

You can read about the some of the themes included into this course here. If you have any questions, please use the email address at the top of the page to get in touch.




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March, 31

April, 28

May, 26


5pm UK

9am PDT, 10am MDT, 11am CDT, noon EDT

18.00 Berlin

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Healing Ritual Why-s and How-s

Recording of the class on 28 January 2023

This session is for those well acquainted with the Healing Ritual, either conductors or DHO initiates.

Healing table. Group. Three attunements. Breathing for the names. Frequency. Names on the list, requests. HR early years. Reading names. Healing prayers. Known&unknown phase. Healing without HR. Khatum and HIK prayers’ words. Gratitude.

Health for the Healer Recordings


Session 1 – August, 19.

Being present in the body.

Healing breaths. Why to be present in the body. Dissociation. Two simple ways to ensure we are in our body. Expanded awareness during the healing ritual vs feeling the peace&unity of the whole of creation. What is grounding? Grounding meditation. Approaching the Names. Ya Haqq Ya Muqsit.

*Please bear in mind that the grounding exercise offered is an energy tool. With practice it can help with many issues, however for the discharge of electricity from your *physical* body you still need to physically go outside barefoot! 🙂

Session 2 – September, 30


Why your boundary issues are *really* not your fault. What is your boundary between?.. The first Sufi practice to master, for anyone. Why it is all about *you.* A practice for an (excessive) giver. The importance of *feeling* anger. Meditation for being comfortable in one’s own space. Ya Basit Ya Qabid.

The Rose meditation comes from Jeffrey Allen (

Upon review, I can see that there were a few moments where I wasn’t very clear in my language, sometimes not choosing the right word. By “not thinking” about the issue when doing walks I meant not analysing. Walks help to achieve change even if we don’t analyse our problems (although both together are sometimes even better) – Peter Kingsley’s quotation is about “our” (perceived) reality. The metafor of a mountain was about The Reality. – When feeling our aura, feel one inch from your skin. Estaghferallah!

Session 3 – October, 28


Purification (healing) breaths, as Inayat Khan gave them. Ya Haqq. Yes and no. Learning to immediately distinguish between a truth and a lie. The ultimate difference – let’s really feel it. The world of binding we live in. How we do our practices. How we perform a real healing ritual. Ya Haqq – how is it felt now? Where and how do you feel zikr? Going back and forth, learning to remember.

Some practices used come from, and ispired by, Christie Marie Sheldon,

While the exercises we did in this session are subtle they are not difficult to master. One can get into the habit of noticing small energy fluctuations pretty quickly and develop a habit.

When exploring where the phrases are felt, look not for the sensation of the sound in you, but sense where *the meaning of it resonates* in your body.

Session 4 – November, 25

Magnetism, part I.

Bismillahir RahmanirRahim. What is magnetism? The importance of order and alignment. Rhythm. Earth practice. Walks that help. Ya Hayy. Ya Djawaunah. The role of silence. Concentration practice.* The way our everyday life can help building up our magnetism. Zikr. We can all access any skill that exists.

*For the practice of visual concentration please see the next video.


Visual concentration practice. Sun.

I had to re-record this practice to avoid the breach of the participants’ privacy.


Session 5 – December, 9

Magnetism, part II.

Allah Hayy Allah Haqq.  Brief recup of part I. Djawaunah (more explanation.) Personal magnetism, what it is and how to build it. What does criticism of others do to ourselves. Alhamdulillah. Love for beauty, and how it shows us a road to Love. Adding ether to the elements practice, and its uses.* Spiritual magnetism. The main way we lose magnetism (of any kind.) The use of Darood. Zikr of Ishk.

*It is done in this form for the purpose of the ease of practice. The point of it is to learn to add ether to whatever state one finds oneself, in the real-life situations.

Session 6 – January, 20

Mind purification.

Inner volume (life-hack for help with concentration) Healing breaths.* Mujahida. About your “why.” Silence on the Bridge technique (life-hack for stopping the inner dialogue.)** Elemental Fikr. Gratefulness.

*Fire element comes with inbreath through the mouth, outbreath through the nose. Apologies for misspeaking.

**This life-hack came from/through Suzanne Giesemann,

Session 7  – February, 24

Self-protection, part I.

Elemental breaths. Ya Dafi. What do we protect? From what do we want protection? Blessing and protection using a symbol.* Allaho Akbar/Allah Hu/pillars of light. Why our vibration is the key issue here.

*Bless yourself! Bless your water, bless your food, bless your sleep, bless your body, bless your day! Keep giving yourself blessings!!! That will make this practice real for you faster than anything else.