How it works/what to expect

In all work that I do I combine my therapeutic and coaching skills with the approach of Sufism. Understanding of the human being and of the laws of our interactions with the world is a particular strength of that teaching.


Plus to the verbal support and guidance, we will likely go through some exercises together. It might be that I also offer you some practices that are directed towards your “inner life” more than your outer one. Whether that would happen will depend on your inclinations, and willingness to work with those kinds of tools.

The practices in question could include types of movement, breathing, concentration, or a combination of the above. Their purpose is to make changes faster and more enduring, as well as help with possible “growth pains” that might occur when we begin to change our ways. When we learn not just through the workings of our mind, but involving more of our whole being as these exercises make one do, we learn quicker and the acquired knowledge gets to be stored on the deeper levels of our psyche.


If we have not worked together yet, then I would suggest it helpful to both you and me if we first have a 20min free of charge meeting (on Zoom/Skype) We will discuss your situation and needs as you see them. If both of us conclude that us spending more time together has a potential to enhance your life, we will then decide on the number and the schedule of the next meetings. You can book a free meet-up session here

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