The Universe Within

How often do you feel that you are God (or god) ?

No, not in the psychopathic sort of sense, but feeling that gentle, all-embracing peace and, simultaneously, the absolute might of it all, and in all — and that “all” is of course including youself?

Rarely? Never? All the time?

“…in a certain sense the universe is within man, so in the same sense at least the key to everything in the universe is to be found in the heart of man. If the heart can be made to relax, freed from all feeling of selfhood, one can by prayer, meditation or concentration set up an accommodation in the mental sphere and by further concentration thereon set up an idea which can later find its way into the physical world. In other words, by right performance of action one attains to the fulfillment of all desires, and strange though it may sound, by control of desire and passion one can obtain every wish.

Why? Because in a certain sense, in the state of freedom, one is as a god and there is nothing in the universe which he cannot touch.” (Sufi Ahmed Murad)

“The state of freedom…” Can’t get there at once, by the mere force of one’s desire! Step by step though, one can.

Not just some “special people” – you too.

“…this state can only be attained when one comes to rely upon the impressions and inspirations which are ever finding their way into his heart. By a rigid examinatrion of his own personality, by a strict control over his personal weaknesses, man can become the master of all that is.” (SAM)

(one of Murshid’s strange word choices, “rigid;” we would now say “uncompromising” probably…)

The photo is of Khiva, a city in Uzbekistan. On the far right you can see a green cupola of a tomb of a Sufi poet and a philosopher of XIII-XIV century, Pahlavan Mahmud; when we were visiting it was still in scaffolding for the restoration.

He was a furrier, but what he was famous for was wrestling. “Pahlavan” means Hercules, a warrior. He died unbeaten.

They say he was a Sufi Pir, and the energy in his Mausoleum most definitely supports that idea: it was the strongest and the fullest – almost embodied – feeling that one felt of all the Sufi tombs we visited in the country.

The warmest one, too.

When you are United with the One there is nothing that can stop you, nothing can defeat you.

So what do you think is holding you back?


*A version of this post first appeared on January 6, 2022 on Facebook.