Sessions and pricing

If we have not worked together before, or if you wish to address a new concern that was not touched on in our previous meetings, I suggest that we have a 20 min free of charge session first. That will give us the opportunity to discuss what you think the issues are and whether what I am offering can help you.

Afterwards, if we both conclude that we wish to proceed, we can decide on the number and the schedule of our meetings so that they fit your situation as best as possible.

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How many sessions

How many sessions you will need will depend on what it is that you want to do, how much change you want to bring into your life. My intention is to make it possible for you to support yourself as quickly as possible, but we are all different. Please understand that it is very much up to you as to how quickly you are going to embody the change; following my recommendations thoroughly will help you achieve the results faster and make the whole process more efficient.

With the methods I offer for the emotional healing, I always aim to teach you the most suitable way in the first session. You are welcome to “take it home” and proceed by yourself. From my experience, most people need 2-3 months to really settle into the new approach to life, doesn’t matter that it is more joyous and light – there is still resistance in all of us! The most efficient way is usually to have a few sessions weekly, and then one or two after a slightly longer interval.

For the decision making coaching, it could be as little as two, and sometimes even one meeting for clarifying a decision you are facing.

If you wish to learn making choices that will always support your growth and will do so in the direction of your highest good, and do not have any particularly difficult situations in your life right now, that can also be as short as 1-3 meetings.

Some people express a desire for more hands-on approach, with higher intensity and ongoing attention to details. Check the option Support On The Trail where I offer more guidance on weekly, and sometimes even more frequent, basis.


All sessions are done on Zoom; if for any reason Zoom is unavailable, we would meet on Skype/FaceTime.

Phone sessions are possible, except for the first session, by the mutual agreement.


One-off Sessions and Packages

Individual Sessions

1 x 50min long session

+  follow-up email support for 10 days, or as agreed



3 x 50min long sessions, once in 7-10 days

+ weekly email support, including for a week after the last session


$345/save $45

6 x 50min long sessions, usually once in 7-10 days

+ weekly email support, including for a month after the last session


$680/save $100

Support On The Trail

Regular sessions with extended support to ensure that you remain committed to change and to addressing any arising difficulty in timely manner. This offer is usually for the established clients who want to continue growing.

1 Month

The package includes: 4 x 50min long sessions, once a week unless agreed otherwise

+ An additional 1 x 15min session/week, when required

+ Unlimited email support during the month

+ Additional email support for two weeks afterwards, or as agreed

Price: $540

3 Months

The package includes: up to 12 x 50min long sessions; once a week for the first 1,5 months, afterwards once every 10 days

+ An additional 1 x 15min session/week, when required

+ Unlimited email support during three months

+ Additional email support for a month afterwards, or as agreed

Price: $1320/save $300

For longer support, or with any questions please get in touch here

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