Rose Garden Coaching

A flower with a unique, exquisite shape and delicate fragrance, the rose became a sacred symbol in many spiritual traditions, representing the human heart, the soul, and even the Divine itself. In Sufi poetry it usually symbolises the Beloved, or God. The way the rose flower gently and gradually unfolds, revealing all the beautiful layers until one can see the very heart of the flower, is often regarded as a metaphor of unfolding spiritual wisdom. Our heart opens like a rose, ready to embrace Reality.

What better application of a human ambition can there be than cultivating an open heart and not only fully flourishing ourselves, but impacting people all around us. In doing so we are helping them come into their unique flowering as well, creating a human garden filled with joy, life satisfaction, and feeling of the life well lived.


In the times of change, like the time we are going through now, while the destruction of the life as we know it is more visible, there is also a parallel process of creation taking place.

A better future, for humans and for the planet, can be envisioned and built, is being built right now, by the means of millions of little steps and seemingly insignificant changes – by the small and great efforts of those who are not indifferent, who are unwilling to give up, who wish for the planet and the world as we know it to not simply survive, but turn into a kinder, more joyous, more honest world that would support the thriving of all, individuals and nations.

Do you dream of being a part of that process, yet have not discovered what your way to help might be? Or do you think you are too small (too big? too young? too old, too poor, too wealthy, too good, too bad… fill in!) to make any difference?

Each person has their own note to sound, their own path to walk. To help change for the better one doesn’t have to be a president, or a great philantropist. Touching just one heart a day sends waves of beauty that multiply as they travel through the world. You help one person to become more joyous, or peaceful, or fulfilled, they might help a hundred.

Applying Sufi principles of building a good, soul-directed life, a life that makes a difference for many – is what Rose Garden Coaching is all about.

The Sufi understanding of the laws of life and deep insight into human nature offers guidance for creating a life of purpose and meaning whatever our circumstances – and doing that in alignment with our soul, and with the soul of the world and of our planet that we so love and that we will to endure.

The practical, no-nonsense way of the Sufis works seamlessly together with the methods of the life-coaching and spiritual coaching.

Among the issues that this approach is particularly helpful with, are:

– determining the goal in work, or in life, that you are bound to succeed in achieving,

– developing a habit of sustained growth,

– learning to make perfect decisions every time it matters,

– increasing one’s vitality and growing in emotional and mental strength

– finding one’s “own way” in life, building the life that soul intended