may uplift!

THREE COACHING SESSIONS¹ for $299 (usual package price $345)


Get energised, rejuvenated, inspired!


Want to let go of some of the old patterns that keep bringing you same old kind of trouble, stopping you from living your best life?

Facing a situation that you want to see more clearly, to change, or even to remove from your path?

Or does it feel like it’s time to have a straight look at your life and re-access your what-s, how-s, and why-s?

Take advantage of this offer to give your life a boost and pave the way to increased clarity, strength, and transformation!

Three coaching sessions taken in quick succession² aim to help clear obstacles on the way towards your life purpose and make a push for the surer and freer path for the rest of the year.

GET IN TOUCH before booking via email or book a 20min free of charge meet-up session if we haven’t worked together.

¹ Three sessions 50min each. This offer is available until May 31, 2023 with the sessions commencing by June 6, 2023. Please note that there are no refunds for this offer. In case the needed result is achieved in fewer than three meetings, the remaining sessions remain as your credit to be used within 6 months from the commencement of the first meeting. The sessions are not transferrable.

² The sessions are intended to be held with 2-4 days in between. You can still take this offer if your schedule is not allowing for this. However, please be aware that the intensity of the work is a part of what creates the result here. The responsibility for the change always remains with you!

For those who wish to continue on this path, there is a special discount available on the 6 x 50min sessions package: $599 if booked within 3 days after the completion of the last May Uplift! session and paid via bank transfer, $615 if paid by a credit card (usual price $680) These sessions do not expire.

Personal Coaching

Do you dream of being a part of the process of creation of a world that is better, kinder, happier, more joyful than the one we find ourselves in right now? Dreaming or not, each of us is co-creating our world, no matter what we think of ourselves or our creative abilities. This comes simply with being a human!

Each person has their own note to sound, their own path to walk. Are you sounding that note, have you found what it is that you were born to do? When this question is posed, it is often thought that there must be some sort of grand goal that one should have discovered, but probably hasn’t yet, and that makes us feel unfulfilled and unworthy… even more than we did before someone began “helping” us.

Think of a beautiful woven carpet. There are hundreds of threads, so many colours… Each is just one, one little thread, not grand at all. Yet pull it out, and the carpet is not whole anymore, the absence of even one thread where it should have been is immediately noticed.

What each of us needs to find is what our “colour,” our place in the whole tapestry really is. And that is something that we each already have the knowledge of, deep within. We are simply not taught to hear that “part” of us that carries it.

This is what this coaching process is really all about: offering help on the road of self-discovery, the path to freedom, on the journey of becoming our authentic, enlivened, glowing self.

The practical, no-nonsense way of the Sufis blends seamlessly together with the methods of the life-coaching, energy healing, and forms of “inner parts” work.

Are you ready to change your life? Then go for it!

  • increase your vitality and grow in strength
  • develop confidence in being able to pick yourself up no matter what life throws at you
  • learn to make a perfect decision each time that will bring you to the goal you wish to achieve while helping unfoldment of your life’s purpose
  • establish a habit of sustained, reliable success
  • find  your “own way” and become sure you are building the very life your soul intended

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Learn to make great decisions — to never have regrets

You think, how is that even possible — never to regret? That means, to never make mistakes? Well, that depends on what you mean by “mistakes.” Things do change, and people change, no doubt. We might look around in five or ten years and decide that what we have is not serving us anymore. The question is, how do we ensure that our decisions are truly, deeply, unquestionably serving us at least within the horizon of our current vision. Because if they do, then we will not regret them when the time of change comes — we will simply turn the page, and change course. And yes, there is a way to make only the decisions that are, in that sense, perfect, and it is not too difficult to learn it either.

Pick your Ideal Goal for today

What goal is ideal? It is the one we can reach, of course!  Attaining what we decided to go for improves our self-esteem, gives us that wonderful feeling of I-CAN-ness, and makes us generally feel that life is worth living.  But wouldn’t it be great if whenever we set a goal for ourselves, not only were we certain that we are able to reach it, but by doing that we each time grew in strength, in resilience, and even in enduring happiness? Is that too much to wish for? Not at all! If you are not sure whether an object, a goal that you got your eyes on is timely for you, or if reaching it would bring some unintended consequences, I can help you to find the way that truly serves you.

What do you want in life? What does happiness mean to you?

Have you thought about it, your happiness, and what would have to happen so that you get to be happy? Not for a day or a year, but more or less throughout your life… Are you a planner, or a flower (the one who flows with the current, I mean)? A creator, or a reactor (you understand, the one who reacts)? A bit of both, probably; most of us are. And that is because we are not raised with the understanding of our creative, intentional ability. And no, this is not only about those of us who are very energetic and intensely pro-active. Every human is born with the ability to build one’s own life, and to build it to be happy, and there is no woo-woo about that at all. It is all quite natural and normal, we simply misuse it a bit. Misuse our mind, our will, our feelings even. So let’s get re-educated, shall we?