Personal Coaching

Do you dream of being a part of the process of creation of a world that is better, kinder, happier, more joyful than the one we find ourselves in right now? Dreaming or not, each of us is co-creating our world, no matter what we think of ourselves or our creative abilities. This comes simply with being a human!

Each person has their own note to sound, their own path to walk. Are you sounding that note, have you found what it is that you were born to do? When this question is posed, it is often thought that there must be some sort of grand goal that one should have discovered, but probably hasn’t yet, and that makes us feel unfulfilled and unworthy… even more than we did before someone began “helping” us.

Think of a beautiful woven carpet. There are hundreds of threads, so many colours… Each is just one, one little thread, not grand at all. Yet pull it out, and the carpet is not whole anymore, the absence of even one thread where it should have been is immediately noticed.

What each of us needs to find is what our “colour,” our place in the whole tapestry really is. And that is something that we each already have the knowledge of, deep within. We are simply not taught to hear that “part” of us that carries it.

This is what this coaching process is really all about: offering help on the road of self-discovery, the path to freedom, on the journey of becoming our authentic, enlivened, glowing self.

The practical, no-nonsense way of the Sufis blends seamlessly together with the methods of the life-coaching, energy healing, and forms of “inner parts” work.

Are you ready to change your life? Then go for it!

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