Health for the Healer 2022/23 

This course is now finished. To get the access to the recordings, please enquire here.

The purpose of these classes is to offer help for the conductors of the healing ritual of Hazrat Inayat Khan to overcome some of the usual difficulties. These issues are predominantly the same that get in the way of any healer, as well as of anyone who regularly offers help to others, be that by the way of a therapy, caring, or even when raising a child.

All sessions also include the Sufi Absent Healing Ritual. 

 If you have any questions, please use the email address at the top of the page to get in touch.

Health for the Healer sessions information

From August 2022 we will be focusing the first half of our meeting on the things pivotal for the healer’s health.

Predominantly, these are the same issues that make the difference for the physical and mental health of anyone who is striving to be in service to others, as well as of people we are aiming to help.

The classes will be rooted in Sufi teachings, energy work, and modern psychology. Open to Sufi mureeds and DHO initiates, and others by permission – please get in touch and let me know what your interests and experiences are.

These sessions are done by freewill donations.

The meetings are monthly and last up to 1h30min.

You are welcome to take part in the first part of the session and then leave before the healing ritual commences, however please notify me in advance if you are planning to do so ♥

Our topics will include:

• August: our need to be fully present in the body, and the best ways to achieve that

• September: healthy boundaries: how do we get to have problems in that area, how to solve them

• October: how truthfulness, and the lack of it, including to oneself, influences our energy and health

• November&December: how to grow in magnetism, and how to retain it

• January: breaking free from under the control of one’s thoughts

• February&March: self-protection: who needs it, why, when and how to do it

• April&May: learning to connect with our “own” inner healer/inner teacher; connection with the “departed” teachers – what do we need it for, the best ways for “getting in touch”


All the exercises offered are intended as practices – that is, they need to be practiced  in order to bring results. Please do not expect a great change after repeating a technique a few times during the session!